Transcendence into Gender Equality 

Hannah Garrett

Hannah Garrett was one of the five lucky Mike Davies Global Challenges Scholarship recipients, and they used the £1,000 to create an exhibition named ‘Transcendence’. Hannah said, “The exhibition was proposed as an exploration of transgender experiences through art to help reduce discrimination towards the transgender community”.  

The scholarship supports students like Hannah to undertake a project or opportunity to develop creative practise for the potential benefit of others whilst tackling global challenges. 

Hannah is studying BA Fashion, Promotion and Design and has a true passion for supporting Gender Equality.

“The creative foundation of "Transcendence" began with my exploration of abstract paintings and gender through my second-year work; I was so inspired to continue this forward.

"Through the financial support of the scholarship, I was very inspired by my sudden access to paints, canvases, and even more diverse media I didn't have access to previously. This inspiration served as the foundation, establishing the visual language that would later evolve into a comprehensive and even more varied exhibition,” said Hannah. 

Hannah went on to say: “People from various walks of life, sharing their personal thoughts and experiences, formed a kaleidoscope of emotions which really helped fuel my motivation and drive to create. The decision not to filter or censor these responses became crucial to my exhibition; I wanted the exhibition to be a direct medium for these voices, a testament to the unfiltered reality of being transgender”. 

She concluded: “My project was really made possible through the generous support of the Mike Davies Global Challenges Scholarship”. 

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