Pharmacy student uses Hope Winch Scholarship to excel on course

Shauna Barry

The Hope Winch Benevolence Fund provided Pharmacy student Sydney Madu the necessary financial support that enabled her to focus on her studies. Sydney who is an international student from Alberta Canada, is in the second year of her MPharm Pharmacy degree.

Sydney explained why she applied for the Hope Winch Benevolence Scholarship. “I always wanted to study Pharmacy and Sunderland was really accommodating for international students. I was very prepared in my first year, and had savings before I came to Sunderland, but last year I wasn’t able to work, and very quickly all of the bills accumulated. I also have Canadian student loans, and it was starting to become a real burden. Some of my classmates were volunteering, and I wasn’t able to do that, and I was worried I was falling behind. The Hope Winch Scholarship attracted me because it’s specific to Pharmacy, and I thought it could be really helpful. It was very straightforward applying for the award, my tutor wrote me a letter, and after that it was very simple.”

The money that Sydney received from the scholarship went towards helping her pay for living expenses, giving her more time to study and enabled her to secure a job.

“The accomplishment of getting a job is one I would have otherwise had difficulty achieving if not for the scholarship. Overall this award changed my outlook on second year as I went from being daunted to feeling motivated, as I was encouraged to make the most of my year.” she explained.

Sydney explained how the scholarship supported her during her second year of study. “The Hope Winch Benevolence Scholarship enabled me to be more focused, which was pivotal to my successful completion of the year. I was also able to continue my role in the University’s rowing club, spending time helping the newest members and representing the University at competitions. Eventually I was able to secure a job, however the initial costs of travelling to interviews, purchasing documents, and eventually travelling to work were eased by the support from the scholarship.”

The student said: “Reflecting upon the year, I become increasingly thankful for the opportunities that would have not otherwise been available to me without this award. Initially, the scholarship provided relief from pressing worry about my financial situation, directly allowing me to better focus on my studies.”

She concluded: “It is a warming feeling knowing that you are supported by your university as well as the community, and for this I am grateful. It is with utmost importance that I express my sincere thanks to the trust for allotting this scholarship, and providing support to students like myself.”


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