Transformative Experience for Pharmacy Student

Georgia Katsamangka 2

Third Year Pharmacy Student Georgia Katsamagka applied to the Hope Winch Benevolence fund to ease her financial strains to focus on her studies. Georgia received £1500 of scholarship funding which is available to undergraduate pharmacy students that does not have to be paid back.

Georgia used the fund to cover her living costs and rent as she has been experiencing financial hardship and the scholarship allowed her to lower her working hours to concentrate on her studies.

“I utilized the funds to cover my rental and utility expenses for an extended period of nearly four months, “ Georgia said.  “This was a substantial amount of time to have my housing and utility costs covered, particularly in light of the ongoing economic downturn, inflationary pressures, and huge energy costs.”

“The scholarship I received provided me with the financial means to attend most of my lectures and devote my full attention to my passion for pharmacy, which ultimately led to my achieving some of the highest marks in both tests and assignments.”
Georgia went on to say, “By removing the financial burden, I was able to fully focus on my abilities and demonstrate my true potential, and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and for those who had faith in my abilities.”

“Receiving the scholarship has been an incredibly impactful experience for me, both personally and academically, receiving the scholarship has completely transformed my academic and personal life, it has given me more time and energy to devote to my coursework. Furthermore, the scholarship has also given me the peace of mind and stability I need to fully enjoy my academic pursuits.”

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