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Lindsey Farrow

Lindsey Farrow

BA Psychology & Music (2008)

Lindsey Farrow has a real passion for music, in her spare time Lindsey is a recording artist at E.B.A Records, specialising in popular music. Lindsey is also an administrator at Leeds City Council which she uses to help fund her passion.

Lindsey studied a BA Psychology and Music (Joint Honours) degree and graduated in 2008. Lindsey was late in deciding whether she wanted to attend university. However, she eventually chose the University of Sunderland because of the freedom and opportunities that studying at University would enable her to experience. Lindsey gave back her time to other students in her third year of studies, volunteering her time to support students with their music performances. Lindsey reminisces about her time at the university and recalls, “You could regularly find me in the practice rooms in the basement playing the piano, singing and recording.”

Lindsey recalled the extra-curricular activities that she enjoyed whilst studying at the University of Sunderland “As part of my course, I got to experiment with new equipment, go out to new venues to perform, collaborate with other universities, perform in assemblies at schools, play new instruments, visit new places, meet other musicians and play in their ensembles. I was also able to be part of Psychology research, have stimulating debates, explore and develop my knowledge as well undergoing a transformational experience and really find out who I am and what I love. These were fantastic times and fantastic opportunities and these were the opportunities that weren’t part of the course”. Lindsey was also able to learn to dance with the community dance group after joining lessons that were taking place at the time. Lindsey remembers that “They offered me the ability to learn a new skill, develop my musicianship, and perform within the university as well as for charity events”. Lindsey also joined the university Jazz Band and successfully partook in the first jazz festival that the university hosted.

Lindsey’s greatest achievement to date is the release of her first two singles ‘You Were Wrong’ and ‘Moonshine’. She has been set a challenge by the E.B.A Records to release three singles and to receive 500 sales across the portfolio. If she is able to manage this, the record label will offer Lindsey a full recording contract and enable her to produce her first album and tour. Lindsey currently spends her free time promoting her music and increasing her influence on social media. This involves countless hours of research and work on her music. “Every Friday night or Saturday morning I look at the statistics I have available to see how well things are going and arrange what I am going to do for the following week for promotion as well as amend my website. There’s no team to promote my music, only me! It’s enjoyable but you do feel the pressure.”

When asked what her advice to recent graduates would be Lindsey replied, “Always seek out opportunities – they very rarely find you! As much as you may want to take it easy after studying, the jobs go quick and fast. I would say to up-skill yourself up as much as possible and ask every question that you want to know the answer to with tutors before you leave. It’s ok to not know exactly what you want to do, but it helps to have a strong idea – even if you do a job to learn and demonstrate skills while exploring what you really love. It’s ok to fail – it will happen although it may not feel like it will at this point. Failure is never the end, sometimes it’s an opportunity to learn more, sometimes you can learn more about yourself and sometimes it gives you the kick that you need.”

Lindsey’s future plans are to promote her current singles and to prepare to record the next one. At the same time she is part of a musical theatre group and is keen to practise her skills and to continue to develop new ones as well as doing something that she loves.

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