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Sunderland alumna translates a book of Traditional Chinese Medicine to English

After graduating with a MA in International Management in 2006, Huifang Jian (in the centre) came back to Nanning, China where she now works as a translator for Guangxi Science and Technology Department.

She recently applied to the British Council Education UK Alumni Awards that honour the outstanding achievements made by professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders who can demonstrate how their UK education has impacted on their success.

Huifang Jian has translated a book of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Chinese to English in her spare time. This book, which is about to be published, illustrates how this medicine treats the diseases effectively and simply. “It will open a new angle for western people about TCM”, says Huifang.

“I registered for the UK Alumni Awards only because I wanted to take the chance to introduce the amazing Traditional Chinese Medicine to more people. I wish all people not only Chinese but also western people, can get benefit from the cheap and effective TCM.”

If you are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and want to find out more about this book, please email us at and we will put you in touch with Huifang Jian.

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