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Silver Fund gives Nursing students an insight into the human body

Surgeons Museum Visit

Surgeons Museum Visit

Adult Nursing Practice students and academic staff were able to attend the Surgeons’ Hall Museum in Edinburgh and learn more about pathological anatomy thanks to support from the Silver Fund.

In this one day-trip to the museum, 70 students and eight academic staff were able to discover the role of women in surgery, along with the impact of war and how changes evolved over the years in relation to surgical intervention within military campaigns, from Waterloo up to the Second World War.

Joshua Ivison, the Nursing student who secured Silver funding for the trip, said: “The objective of the trip was to provide students with an historical and visual learning experience in relation to their anatomy and physiology module.

“The museum offered insight into human pathology through donations to the museum. These specimens showed the results of a variety of human pathological anatomy, including military war injuries, cardiothoracic, maxillofacial and vascular surgery."

He continued: “Students were asked about the impact of this activity on their learning experience and, out of the respondents, 100% agreed that the trip is what was expected and beneficial to them.”

The Silver Fund, which was created to give University of Sunderland students transformational education experiences, provided the Nursing students an interesting and different aspect of learning other than a theory based lecture on the subject of anatomy and physiology.

Joshua concluded: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the funders involved in the Silver Fund. Without the scholarship the trip wouldn’t have been able to go forward.”

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