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Alarna Moles

An application to the Silver Fund, which provides grants that directly enhance and enrich the student experience, has led to students in our David Puttnam Media Centre benefiting from the purchase of state-of-the-art DJ equipment designed to develop their technical skills and support their music mixing and composition. 

MA Radio student Alarna Moles’ successful application to the Fund had identified a new area of training at the centre using the DJ equipment, which would support students across all media degrees in areas such as learning, live editing and playlisting. 

In addition, the introduction of the equipment has led to the creation of a DJ Society Group within the student community, with the intention of providing a platform for networking opportunities and workshops, creating contacts and building links to the wider DJing communities, strengthening relationships between students and local area. 

Alarna said: “Our successful bid has really had a positive impact on students and I want to thank the donors of the Silver Fund for giving our students this amazing opportunity. From previous study experience, I understand how integral a relationship between the student radio and the DJs at a university can be and cannot wait for the DJ communities to flourish from here!”

Alarna recently won Silver at the Student Radio Awards for Best Specialist Music Programme for her brilliant documentary Makina: The Grime of the North East.

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