Nick has the right formula

Nick Lee

Nick Lee, who is in the second year of his MPharm Pharmacy degree was awarded the Hope Winch Benevolence Scholarship.

He said: "I’ve worked in different careers, from Navigation Officer in the Merchant Navy to a night shift manager in ASDA, but I wasn’t happy. I decided to apply to university to study something I was passionate about – Pharmacy.

“My dad agreed to support me financially, as I knew it would take my full attention and commitment, but a few months after starting my course my dad suffered a major heart attack and was unfit to work.

“I had to take up full-time work again. A typical week for me would be Monday to Friday I would attend lectures and laboratories, and as soon as I finished I would travel to Team Valley and work until 2am, 6 or 7 days a week.

"Applying to the Hope Winch Scholarship made a huge difference to me. I am able to spend a lot more time concentrating on my Uni work. 

“I am passionate about University, and the fund has helped me be the best possible pharmacist I can be.”

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