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Sunderland graduate named ‘champion of books’

Helen Fields

Author Helen Fields in Waterstones in Durham.

Sunderland graduate Fiona Sharp has been acknowledged by emerging crime author Helen Fields as ‘champion of Durham and of books’.

Fiona, who graduated with an MSc in Technology Management in 1998, manages Independent Book Reviews website, works at Waterstones in Durham and set up the Sunderland Alumni Book Society in 2015.

Passionate about multiple genres of literature, Fiona is an avid reader who likes to link with like-minded readers around the globe.

Fiona has also great links with authors and has become a champion of lots of them, including other Sunderland graduates like children’s author Jason Rohan.

She said: “I don’t see Jason’s books stocked in many bookshops, so I’m trying to spread the word wherever possible.”

Her encouragement and enthusiasm for authors to keep up with their work has gained her an acknowledgment in the latest book of the crime series based in Scotland by author Helen Fields.

Following in the bloody footprints of the likes of Ian Rankin, Val McDermid and Peter May, Helen has paved her way as a crime writer and has recently published her fourth novel Perfect Silence.

In the acknowledgment pages Helen mentions a few people whose support has meant a huge amount while she was writing this book. She said: “Fiona Sharp, champion of Durham and of books, you continue to throw your support behind so many writers. You are owed a debt of gratitude.”

In September Helen hosted the the monthly session of the Crime/Thriller Book Group in Waterstones in Durham and also signed copies of all four of her books.

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