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After a very successful career as Project Manager for Business and Decision, Fiona now manages Independent Book Reviews website, in between reading, works at a local book store, in between reading and is Mum to two teenagers.. in between reading!

An avid book worm, Fiona would like to invite fellow alumni, wherever you are in the world, to steal some quality time with a book and take part in reviewing your favourite reads.

Fiona says: We hope to achieve a very informal and relaxed society which can bring alumni together to read and discuss literature, no matter what subject we graduated in or career path we are from.”

Passionate about multiple genres of literature, Fiona would like to link with like-minded readers around the globe.

She says: “By recommending three reads every quarter, society members are encouraged to feedback and offer their own personal review and comment on other members reviews to encourage discussion.”

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Constructive reviews are welcomed from all and for all books listed on the site. The whole purpose of which is to provide a great medium for topical discussion around multiple themes of literature.

Fiona also welcomes work from published authors to review, so if you are an alumnus who’s put pen to paper, let us know and we’ll put you in touch! 

As the society grows there will also be opportunities for those regionally to meet informally and talk books over a coffee back on Campus. 

In the mean time, sit back, put your feet up and grab a book!

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