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Daniel Mitchell

BA (Hons) Advertising & Design

Daniel studied Advertising & Design at the University of Sunderland, graduating in 2016 with a First Class Honours Degree. Daniel has gone on to join Boiler Plan as a Marketing Executive since he graduated. We asked Daniel about his current work duties and he replied, ‘having recently started my new position as Marketing Executive at Boiler Plan, I am handling all email marketing by setting up various cycles and designing the content that goes within this. I will be developing customer journeys and using my creative skills which I developed during my time at university to produce the content and help increase the business’ footprint.’

Daniel explained his choice for studying at Sunderland, ‘I was attracted to Sunderland University as it was local to where I live. The course had a small but well-established background of successful students and had all the creative elements I wanted from a university course. My main enjoyment from the course came from everything I had learned during my time, including the Adobe Creative Suite as well as time spent at various agencies to gain experience which was actively encouraged.’ In particular Daniel would like to thank one member of staff that influenced him during his time studying at the University. ‘My tutor, Keith Nevens, was the one who influenced me the most during my time. Keith was passionate about his craft and inspired me to try my hardest during my university career. He’s the main person I have to thank for me achieving the qualification that I gained.’

We asked Daniel about his greatest achievement to date, he replied, ‘My biggest achievement to date would be graduating with a First Class Honours Degree from Sunderland University. I am also very proud of winning ‘The Sleep Council’ competition and the ‘Creative Circle’ competition, which I am incredibly proud of competing in.’

Daniel told us about his biggest challenge whilst studying at university, ‘My biggest challenge was my final year of university. I wanted to achieve the highest grade and for this to happen, I needed to balance study, competitions, time at agencies as well as my job in retail at a supermarket. It was tiresome and there were some late nights involved, and the hard work paid off.’

We asked Daniel what his influences had been so far in his career, he replied, ‘I want to make sure that my life in the future is comfortable for myself and a family when the time comes. I admire my mother most; she’s been very supportive of me during my time at university and helping me to start my career. I was inspired to work within the creative industries when I was much younger, I have always been interested in creative roles and this has developed over the years for me to find myself in the position I’m in now.’

We wanted to know what Daniel would have done differently now that he can reflect on his achievements, ‘In hindsight, I would have begun exploring creative roles and areas earlier in my university career. I was one of those who only began to look at the end of my time at university and it took some time before I found a job role that was suited to me, the sooner you look the sooner you find a job that’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to do extracurricular activities that can help to advance this as well.’

Finally we asked Daniel to give recent graduates some advice about entering the job market, he replied, ‘Never stop looking. Whether you’re just starting University or on your final year. Always look and make contacts, don’t wait for university to finish to start looking for your career, do it earlier and you could sooner find yourself on the career path you want to be on.’

Daniel also gave us the best piece of advice that he has received, ‘You have to do what’s right for you. Whether it’s moving away, leaving your team or anything else. It’s your life and if it’s better for you, then you should do it.’

Daniel’s future plans are to establish himself in his new job role, where he is keen to learn more about the marketing industry as a whole and to develop and hone his skills further. Daniel is currently saving up for a house deposit and will be looking to find a house with his girlfriend soon.

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