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Sam Keung

MA Electronic Media Design 2006

Position and company: Senior Lecturer at Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Sam Keung is a senior lecturer at Hong Kong Metropolitan University, with over 25 years of experience as a designer and producer in various creative domains such as visual design, graphics, TV and film production, and motion graphics.
Sam has a special place in his heart for photography, as it fuels his passion for capturing moments and expressing his artistic vision.

As a lecturer, Sam takes pride in his position, as he can inspire aspiring professionals in the visual creation industry. He finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the growth and evolution of his students into professionals, as they apply their knowledge to make valuable contributions to industry and society.

Sam has been honoured with several awards in the fields of photography and documentary filmmaking, which acknowledge not only his technical proficiency but also the significance of the content itself. His work strives to shed light on diverse aspects of our world by capturing cultural nuances and societal phenomena.

Sam's biggest challenge is to improve his life by enhancing its quality and pursuing a more fulfilling existence. He contemplates how he can contribute to the betterment of society and the entire country. He is determined to leverage his artwork and knowledge to influence people, whether they are his students or followers on social media and motivate them to actively engage in the pursuit of a better world.

Sam was attracted to the University of Sunderland after attending a talk, which led him to consider studying overseas. He had previously graduated from the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After carefully weighing all the factors, he took the leap and successfully obtained his student visa and acquired the necessary flight ticket.

During his pursuit of a Master's degree, Sam relished the luxury of ample free time, allowing him to immerse himself in this new country. His instructor went above and beyond by offering valuable guidance and constructive suggestions for his studies while treating them like family. Sam still clearly remembers a piece of advice that Dr Manny Ling gave his group: 'You have to be married to your topic.' He elaborated, emphasizing that they would be in a committed relationship with their chosen topics throughout the upcoming year. They were advised to love and nurture them diligently, which Sam completely agreed with when he submitted his paper.

He said: "During my time studying in Sunderland, there was a particular day when I attended a lesson in Ashburne House, a campus that stood in stark contrast to the modern St Peter’s Campus. As someone who had grown up in a modern city, this experience brought about a newfound appreciation for the transformative power of classic surroundings. It was a testament to the fact that even from weathered surfaces, new growth and opportunities can emerge."

Sam advises recent graduates entering the job market to discover a job that fully resonates with their interests and brings them happiness. It's essential to transform that job into a fulfilling occupation.

Sam is currently working on his artistic project, with a keen interest in photography and videography. He is intrigued by GenAI, a current trend, and people are now talking about 'promptography,' which has sparked his interest in working in this area. He is also interested in working in London, as this place has greatly influenced him, providing him with numerous ideas and space to develop his art projects and solo exhibitions.

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