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Vasiliki Kontou

Vasiliki Kontou

BA British Education-QTS 2008

Since graduating in 2008 Vasiliki has gone on to own an educational support service catering for communities, schools and businesses across the UK with a global perspective. She is Director at Tutor Supply Ltd based in Sunderland.

Prior to this Vasiliki was a teacher for many years. She said one of her biggest challenges has been catering for pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties and ensuring that they receive the best possible support they can from schools.

“Saying that, despite government cuts, I must admit that we work with some amazing schools who are willing to provide the necessary in aim of pupil provision”

When asked Vasiliki about why she chose the University of Sunderland to complete her studies, she replied:

“I first attended the University back in 1997 to study my BA Ed course which then over the years led to a Masters in TESOL, a SENCO course and hopefully a PhD in the near future.

“The University of Sunderland has always been my rock. I have not only studied but also worked at the University bars as a stewardess which enabled me to socialise, meet some amazing people and earn an income at the same time.

“The influence of my University educators has had a long standing effect as I have always wanted to go back for more. Staff have always been professional with an exceptional subject knowledge and experience in the wider educational community.”

The future plans for Vasiliki include expanding her tutor supply services globally.

Vasiliki has these words of encouragement for our current students and new alumni: “Be persistent in your goals, listen and liaise with your tutors-they do know best!”

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