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Ted Schofield

Ted Schofield

MA Illustration and Design 2004

Ted Schofield began drawing while at school by copying cartoons which led to learning to draw and paint from life as a teenager.

He completed a degree in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and became an art teacher before graduating from MA Illustration and Design at the University of Sunderland in 2004.

For the last seven years, Ted has enjoyed using the iPad to draw, paint and illustrate.

To date, Ted names his biggest achievement as illustrating “All Kinds of Poems for All Kinds of Kids” by David Harmer which was published via Small Donkey Press in November 2021. The book brings together much-loved and brand new poems.

Ted said: “Drawing is always at the heart of my work, whether working from life or imagination. It’s a discipline, like playing a musical instrument, which ultimately gives freedom of expression”

Ted was first attracted to the University of Sunderland as he wanted to move from Fine Art to Illustration.

When speaking about influences during his time at Sunderland, Ted added: “Neil Ewins gave me excellent support in writing my dissertation “Why Illustrate Poetry for Children?”

Ted encourages recent graduates entering the job market to not be afraid of moving into a completely different area to the one they studied. He added: “Learn a trade and practice your art when you can. I work for the council using a computer for 37 hours a week but also draw, paint and illustrate.”

His plans for the future include creating a series of iPad prints, illustrating more poetry for adults and children as well as working with community groups and teaching drawing.

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