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Stratos Eleftheriadis

BA Media Studies 2000 and MBA 2001

Stratos Eleftheriadis is the Sales Manager at E-arion Security Systems and Services based in Athens, Greece. His responsibilities include handling the daily operational and sales tasks of this security systems company.

The 38-year-old explained: “I’m in charge of the mechanical designing of security systems installation details, allocation of sales leads to our sales team, budgeting and forecasting pipelines and a lot of after sales key account management as well.”

Stratos found his path to the University through a Media foundation degree he had previously completed at a vocational training school in Greece.

After graduating from the University of Sunderland with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, Stratos came back to Greece where he started a career in the Security Industry Sector.

Stratos said: “I have been professionally involved in a lot of projects, each on its own importance. But I feel my biggest achievement is the design and the project management of the Greco - Turkish border thermal imaging CCTV project, funded and monitored by FRONTEX.

“On the other side, my biggest challenge would be surviving professionally on the Greek market, amidst the current financial crisis situation”

The Greek alumnus still recalls the time he spent at Sunderland: “Sunderland is an excellent place to study, while looking for the extra enjoyment moments!

“The city has lots of pubs, a great snooker hall, a vinyl and musical instruments shop (essential for a music maniac like myself!) , the Stadium of Light hosting the glorious Black Cats' premiership games, the Bridges hosting all the essential shops, etc. You won’t miss a thing while living in Sunderland, and that is for sure!”

He added: “I also remember Mr John Storey, the tutor on the Cultural Theory topics. His lecturing skills, academic approach, broad vision and excellent communication skills, influenced me on how to approach the ''cultural meaning'' of contemporary reality.”

Stratos also has his own advice for current students on how to get a foot on the career ladder: “Be yourself, play on your strengths, and act like a winner even on a day when don't feel as one. You'll eventually triumph!”

He finished: “I'd like to open a musical rehearsing and recording studio, as a sideways income add on, since music has always been my true passion.” 

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