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Sammy Gatere

Sammy Gatere Wangondu

BSc Applied Business Computing 2008

Sammy Gatere Wangondu is teaching the next generation of computing specialists as director of IT at West Nairobi School. 

He works alongside senior teaching staff members to ensure that students are taught the most relevant skills possible while using modern, up-to-date equipment and technology. 

In addition, Sammy manages the day-to-day running of the school’s IT infrastructure, ensuring that all computers remain online and planning how the institution can further advance it’s technological resources. 

Sammy firmly believes that the University of Sunderland played an instrumental role in his success following his graduation. Studying at Intel College, the University’s Kenyan Study Centre, he was initially attracted by the opportunity to study a high quality course without having to move across the world. 

He said: “Studying at Sunderland University though INtel College, gave me the unprecedented opportunity to gain a world class education while at home with my family and continuing with my business. 

“I was also enriched by other professionals, with whom I had common classes, as they shared their experience from various industries.” 

He also hailed the influence of lecturer Colin Hardy, whose wide range of IT knowledge and teaching style gave him the extra push needed to ensure he received a high quality degree upon graduation. 

He added:  “Colin Hardy, who was head of Computer studies at the time, was instrumental. He challenged us to have a global view of the crucial place of the IT professions in meeting the challenges of developing nations.” 

Sammy’s advice to new students and graduates is to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. He believes that it’s crucial that the next generation continue to push boundaries and challenge old ideas. 

When asked to give advice to new students, he answered: “Seek to be on the cutting edge by being innovative in your chosen field by providing solution to real life challenges in your own community.”

For the future, Sammy admitted that his interest lies in the ‘Internet of things’, the development of the internet into everyday appliances and would like to utilise the technology to improve education across the continent.  

He stated: “I have a particular interest in the Internet of Things and hope to pursue every opportunity to engage and make it relevant to the education sector in Africa.

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate. 

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