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Nadun Niroshana de Alwis

Nadun Niroshana De Alwis

Master of Business Administration 2009

After completing an MBA from the University of Sunderland in 2009, Nadun, originally from Sri Lanka, moved to Egypt to work for Hela Apparel Holdings.

His company provides sustainability-focused apparel supply chain solutions. Hela Apparel Holdings works closely with global brands, from design to delivery, in the intimate, sleepwear and children’s product ranges. With 12 factories across three countries and a workforce of over 18,000 across the globe, Hela leads the industry in ethical and sustainable working environments.

Nadun is the Merchandising manager for the Egypt Operation.

“I am responsible for securing all raw material inflows and necessary approvals required for the production function,” he explained.

Nadun considers one of his greatest achievements that he has been able to introduce Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) to the Egyptian team with regards to the merchandising function and now they are reaping the benefits of it.

He also said that one of the biggest challenges of his role are “the cultural differences and the resistance to change of the Egyptian staff”.

Nadun, who had been living in Essex for five years before coming to Sunderland, was attracted to the University because of the academic contents of the course.

He said: “The culture, the teaching style and the content of the course influenced me the most.”

His advice to recent graduates entering the job market is: “Have the correct attitude and give your fullest support to your employer by working smartly.”

As for his future plans, he concluded: “I want to go through the career ladder and become a CEO of the company and serve both the industry and people of the country.”

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