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Mustafa Abusalah

Mustafa Abusalah

PhD Information Retrieval  and Semantic Web 2008

Mustafa Abusalah has gone on to become a key figure in one of the world’s leading contracting companies after receiving his PhD from Sunderland in 2008.

Mustafa was head hunted by the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), based in Athens, while writing for his Information Retrieval and Semantic Web thesis at the University, and was hired as a Knowledge Management Specialist by the firm.

His work at Sunderland was crucial to him landing the role, after his publications were spotted by a key figure within CCC.

He explained: “I received an email from the Chief Technology Officer at CCC Greece while I was writing my PhD thesis. He informed me that he saw two of my publications that are related to a new department being established at CCC called Knowledge Management.”

Mustafa has remained at CCC for the past eight years, and is now a Senior Knowledge Management Specialist. During his time there, he has tested countless products and has led software development teams.

Expanding on his role, he added: “I oversee and champion the development of change management strategies, learning, collaboration and outcome-driven performance culture, both within the organisation and with partners.”

He also works as a guest speaker, giving talks on the industry and passing on the insights he has picked up throughout his career and at Sunderland. His speaking work has taken him across the world, from the Middle East to the U.S. and is something he remains passionate about.

He continued: “I enjoy the privilege of speaking to groups in different continents about knowledge, technology, change, and culture.”

At present, he is happy in his role at CCC and excited for the future. He paid tribute to the University and the staff who helped him during his time here, and added his firm belief that Sunderland has played a vital part in helping him to a successful career.

“My PhD work and studies and the experience I gained and learnt from the expert staff at Sunderland opened a new horizon in my life,” he concluded. “It helped me to get a job with an international company.”

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate.

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