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Mohamed Eno

Mohamed Eno 


Mohamed Eno is Professor of African Studies at St Clements University Somalia where he also teaches in the Applied Linguistics & TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) programme. In addition, he is a researcher at ADNOC Technical Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where he teaches English as a Second Language in the academic section. 

Professor Eno is co-editor of the Journal of Somali Studies, reviewer for accredited journals, and serves on the editorial board of several indexed/accredited academic journals. 

With four poetry collections, a volume of essays, and various articles and chapters of scholarly works, Professor Mohamed Eno’s focus of research and creative literary work provide testimony to his vast expertise in both the social sciences and the humanities.

Talking about his experience at the University of Sunderland, Professor Eno commented: “It was here that my research knowledge and critical academic observation were sharpened, solidly invigorated, and utterly sophisticated.”

He also holds a PhD in Social Studies Education from St Clements University, Turks & Caicos Islands (Kenya Study School 2006).

In 2015, the Sunderland graduate won the David R Maines Narrative Research Award for his joint piece of work with Professor Abdi Kusow entitled ‘Formula Narratives and the Making of Social Stratification and Inequality’.

He explained: “Upon learning the outcome of winning this prestigious award, my co-winner/co-author Professor Kusow and I were overwhelmed with joy as we realised our hard work was recognised by the academic world with such a prestigious global award.”

After over two years of research, the winning article appeared in Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 2015, Vol. 1(3) 409–423; the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) flagship for research on racial and ethnic studies.

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