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Mikael Rougelot

Mikaël Rougelot

Erasmus programme: English Language and Literature 2004/2005

Mikaël Rougelot came to the University of Sunderland in 2004 and stayed for a full academic year. Studying English Language and Literature he was part of the Erasmus exchange programme from his home University of A Coruña in Spain.

Now working in the online marketing team for WestwingHome and Living in Munich, Germany, he had originally planned to have a career in either education or translation.

He said: “Although this was the case for the first three years after finishing my studies, I moved to Germany which allowed me to use my communication skills in the field of online marketing, where I started as an intern and I am currently in a senior position.”

Mikaël chose England because he felt it was essential to experience the language first hand, but he admits he know nothing about Sunderland or the North-East before he moved across. 10 years on however he took more than great memories out of his time at the University:

“I was lucky to meet my wife, who was an exchange student as well, together with other very close friends during my stay in Sunderland. The city has been and always will be a very special place for me.

“I think it’s fair to say that, for all of us, studying here has been one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.”

He is quick to credit the exchange programme for the boost it gave him in his employability. The move to Sunderland enhanced his CV and gave him a more complete and diverse profile against other graduates.

He added: “I would recommend current students to take all their chances from the earliest stages of their professional career, and to push their networking skills whenever possible.

“Showing value - for instance during an internship - and maintaining contacts with fellow students, interns or people sitting on higher or more senior positions usually pays off and greatly increases your chances to reach your dream job.”

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