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Daniel Richards

BSc Business Management 2004

Position and company:

Daniel Richards describes himself as an entrepreneur, investor and inventor working to make the world a better place. 

Daniel, originally from Merseyside but now based in North America, said: “I love being at the epi centre of anything that can change the world for the good!”

At the age of 41, Daniel has got an impressive list of achievements under his belt. In 2014 he moved to the United States to start a business, sold that business to a Public Limited Company (PLC) and run all their North American operations.

Daniel is currently major shareholder in the world’s first stylish automated door handle disinfector. He is also President & Founder of Lauraniel, a service that helps clients accelerate their hiring goals.

He explained: “Our core business focuses on delivering best-in-class specialist groups, teams and business units, accelerating time-to-market and reducing the cost, risk and burden associated with mergers and acquisitions. Our team of deeply experienced consultants enables clients to adapt quickly to market changes and address start-up, scale-up and team refresh projects with confidence and agility. Our clientele largely consists of top tier consulting firms, and we help them focus on major growth agendas.”

Daniel is on the founding team of a web 3.0 business called MiMo which aims to change the world and how we monetize what already exists on our cell phones.

His major focus currently is Acharta, which he is extremely passionate about. His time is largely spent building this business. Daniel explained: “Acharta, was born out of not wanting paper receipts to exist and to help save the planet. 11 billion+ receipts a year are printed in the UK alone. In 2023 and we needed a better solution. We are aiming to have a centralized app that means when you get to the check out, you tap your card, and the receipt immediately appears in your app. This has a plethora of benefits for the user and is obviously very useful from an ESG perspective.”

The Sunderland graduate is the founder of this Fintech firm in the payments space with a number of industry experts and are focused on launching this app next year in North America.

He describes his biggest challenge as overcoming being fired from his previous company after nine years of service and being the highest performing team member.

Asked about what attracted him to the University of Sunderland, Daniel said: “I liked the area and the people. I think the people I met and lived with are fantastic. I am still good friends with four people from my floor at Wearmouth Hall. All are very successful human beings and have gone to have great careers.”

Daniel also remembers with fondness two of his lecturers William Ang’awa and Paul Alan-Armstrong.

Daniel’s advice for recent graduates entering the job market is to be creative, work hard and surround yourself with people that you want to be like.

“Never underestimate the power a good network and mentor. You don’t necessarily need a job either, you can create your own income stream,” he added.

Daniel’s plans include to build more business that impact the world in a positive way.

He said: “TheCleani was an interesting journey. It didn’t exactly go how we had planned but I learnt so much from being in that business.”

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