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Chris Sibbald

BA Information Technology Education 2003 

Position and company: Owner at Chris Sibbald Hypnotherapy Chrissibbald.co.uk

Chris Sibbald decided to change the course of his professional career after 20 years working as a teacher and leader in secondary schools and retrained to become Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

He is the owner of Chris Sibbald Hypnotherapy where he helps professionals take control of their life and reduce stress and anxiety using Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy techniques.

Chris, based in South Shields, explained: “As a child I had a stammer which looking back now held me back in certain situations and had a negative impact on my confidence.

“This could have held me back in life, but I never let it impact on my career choices and qualifying as a teacher was a fantastic achievement. Using my speech everyday helped me overcome my stammer and use it to make a positive impact in the classroom.”

He continued: “After 20 years as a teacher and leader in secondary schools I realised that I still wanted to help people and make a difference just not in the education system.

“I spent some time soul searching and researching potential careers and came up with the idea of becoming a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. I retrained and have now started my own private practice which is very exciting.”

Chris was so impressed by the staff and facilities at the University of Sunderland, that he decided to study at his local university.

He said: “I originally studied Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science but switched to IT education after year one. During my time at Sunderland, I found that the guidance and support offered by tutors was absolutely fantastic which really helped prepare me for the workplace.”

His advice for recent graduates entering the job market is to apply for everything and put yourself out there.

“Be confident and don’t be afraid of challenges.  If you aren’t sure ask ‘who?’ not ‘how?’ can help me,” he advised.

Asked about his plans, Chris concluded: “I will be continuing to build my private therapy practice and will be developing a programme aimed at helping stammers overcome their stammer.”

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