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Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams

MPharm Pharmacy 2001

Andrea knew from a young age that she wanted to be a pharmacist after visiting the University of Sunderland on a regular basis during the holidays. Andrea’s dad, Barry Williams, worked for the University for over 45 years as a technician and then later as a lecturer.  

Andrea said: “I spent many happy summer holidays in the labs. I grew up in the Galen building and I remember we always had students round for dinner including the sultans' grandchildren of Oman! It sparked my interest in pharmacy and I ended up studying pharmacy at Sunderland and qualified early 2000.”

She continued: “I saw the transition of the Pharmacy School from the Galen Building to the Sciences Complex where I eventually studied. I was one of the first students to complete the MPharm course when Sunderland switched from BSc to MPharm."

After qualifying as a pharmacist, Andrea has worked in several sectors, mainly primary care. She is now working her notice in her current role as clinical specialist Pharmacist in Mental health to go back to general practice.

Andrea completed her pre-registration in Sunderland Royal Hospital where she stayed on to do her basic grade training.

She said: "I left Sunderland working briefly as a locum in community and Durham prison after which I obtained a post in a hospital in Australia which I thoroughly enjoyed. I continued working and travelling for around a year, then I returned home in 2004 and began working in general practice. Back then the role of a general practice pharmacist was unheard of and explaining my role and capabilities to GPs and practice staff was a common occurrence. 

"I continued to work in general practice until 2020, when I decided to specialise in mental health. It is such an interesting field! After a year of working in the mental health sector during the pandemic I decided that whilst it was interesting and challenging it wasn't for me and my heart lay in general practice where I will be returning to work this summer."

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