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Agnes Mindila

Agnes Mindila

MSc Management of Information Technology 2005

The high quality education that Dr Agnes Mindila received during her time at the University of Sunderland inspired her to go on to become a university lecturer in Nairobi.

Dr Mindila is currently part of the Computing department at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and believes that her time at the University of Sunderland has been influential in helping her to advance her career in Academia.


“The course I undertook influenced me to proceed and earn a PhD in IT and I have since worked on projects where I’ve had to use the skills the University of Sunderland taught me,” she said.

The hands on nature of the course at Sunderland, combined with the University’s strong research practices, were what initially attracted Agnes to study here.

“My course had a practical approach, and the rigour it gave me in terms of mastering research skills,” she added. “The course I undertook influenced me to proceed and earn a PhD in IT.”

For Agnes, gaining experience in an area that you’re passionate about is absolutely essential for any graduate looking to be successful, whatever field they choose to work in.

She urges recent graduates to “take up jobs with organizations that do what they enjoy doing, whether as interns or volunteers or fully employed, because in that way the journey to developing their careers is enjoyable and they will not shy from going an extra mile.”

The lecturer also co-ordinates the Masters Computing programme at JKUAT and is part of the research team that looks at Wireless Sensor networks. With this experience under her belt, she is planning to take part in more projects that directly impacts the lives of ordinary people in the future.

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate. 

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