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Adele Farrell

Adele Farrell 

BSc (Hons) Applied Biology 1996

After graduating in 1996 Adele applied for a job at ImmunoGen International Ltd, a company that supplied anti- antigen antibody for kits. 

Her degree from Sunderland had equipped her with the skills to get her first job. She said: “Courses were very practice based and this gave us spark to know we wanted to be hands on scientist.” 

Adele had previously done a BTech HND in the same field and during this time had taken a year out sandwich at North Tees Hospital Microbiology laboratory.

“It was this placement that gave me my job goal and I thoroughly enjoyed working with bacteria,” she added. 

In 1997 Adele left Immunogen International Ltd and joined the then Public Health Laboratory Service at the South Cleveland hospital Middlesbrough – known now as the James Cook University Foundation Trust Hospital. In May 1998 she became state registered as a Biomedical Scientist after undertaking a post-graduate diploma at the Northumbria University. 

She explained: “This was a busy year for me as I got married in August and at same time I was state registered in the May we bought our first house, so I moved out of home and became a homeowner! 

By 2003 I was pregnant with our first child and had a boy in April 2004. I went back part time and had another child in 2006, a baby girl.” 

Adele still works at the James Cook Hospital as a Specialist Biomedical Scientist. Her main duties are processing and analysing clinical samples for pathological microorganisms that cause disease in humans and providing accurate reports to clinicians.

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