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Leanne is making a difference thanks to Futures Fund

Leanne Prinsloo

Leanne Prinsloo was able to complete a placement at the independent community based charity NEPACS (North East Prisoner Family Support) with help from the Futures Fund. 

The BSc Health and Social Care final-year student volunteered with NEPACS, a charity that works alongside those visiting prisons in the North East. The Opportunity Scholarship supported her in paying additional childcare costs and also covered some of her travel expenses. 

“I have been very interested in working with offenders as I believe people can change with a little help and support. NEPACS gave me the greatest opportunity ever and allowed me to work with those within the probation service,” she explained.

The experience has proven highly beneficial for the 37-year-old and has boosted her confidence on how to deal with people in difficult situations. 

She said: “This experience working with NEPACS has given me so much more confidence on how to deal with people in difficult situations. Now I am mentoring offenders who need the help and support. I have my own clients who I see on a weekly basis and I help them to gain more confidence in themselves, I support them with their needs and I offer a good listening ear and friendly support.”

Leanne continued: “Working with NEPACS has been very challenging but very rewarding at times. I have learnt so much in such a short time. The skills that I have gained will definitely help me in the future to find employment within the health and social care sector.”

She concluded: “I would like to say a massive thank you to the Futures Fund donors for providing me with this life changing opportunity. I believe with the experience I have gained, I will be able to secure full-time employment in a career where I know I can make a difference.”

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