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Natthaphon Kanjarnavoranun (Alex)

Natthaphon Kanjarnavoranun (Alex) 

MA International Management 2010 

Alex is making his mark in the business world as a Vice President in Digital Marketing at one of the largest banks in Thailand, SCB bank. 

His tasks in his current role include team management, marketing, branding and communication, digital marketing, business management, and customer relationship management. 

Asked about his biggest achievement to date, Alex replied: “Having reached Vice President level in one of the biggest local banks in my early thirties and after eight years of work experience only.” 

Since graduating from the University of Sunderland, Alex has been extremely active participating in events as guest speaker, has been a judge in panels and has shared his experience in professional webinars. 

He said: “Before becoming a Vice President at SCB bank, I was Assistant Vice President and Head of Online Marketing under Central Retail Corporate, which led the digital transformation of largest department store in Thailand.  

I was also working with and, which have been unicorn startups in South East Asia for more than five years. Unicorn startups are privately held startups companies valued at over $1 billion 

During the time I worked for them I was guest speaker and trainer in the area of online marketing multiple times a year.” 
Alex is also proud of having built the biggest ever blogger event in Thailand which attracted more than 350 bloggers. 

Talking about his biggest challenges, Alex explained: “I am possibly the youngest Vice President and I work with other VPs who may be ten years older than me in average. I also must learn new technologies and techniques in a very highly paced industry. For example, omnichannel, marketing automation, SEO and digital marketing areas. 

Alex still remembers with fondness his time at the University of Sunderland and explained what attracted him to come to Sunderland from Thailand. 

The peaceful city by the ocean was one of the most important factors for me to select the University of Sunderland. And the price of the master's degree course was also highly reasonable,” he said. 

Alex also remembers visiting professor and CEO of Castrol, Mike Johnson who has had a great influence on his career aspirations. 

He said: “Mike Johnson is one of the most well-known business leaders that inspired me to reach his career level before I am 40 years old. This is quite challenge, but I think it is achievable. 

Alex’s advice to current graduates entering the job market is to go for a role in a company which provides opportunities to advance.  

He added: “Becoming a full-time entrepreneur after graduation may be an interesting and attractive opportunity that you can pursue with high energy. Alternatively, being an employee in the right place may boost your learning curve, people management skills, soft skills, hard skills, and nevertheless resources to bring you to the success as well. So choose wisely.

"However, it does not mean you cannot set up your own business. If you really believe in it, just go for it. Be lean and agile. No need to quit your full-time job until you are sure what you are doing. Don’t be afraid of failure as those failures will be the stairs for your future career advancement."

Talking about his plans, Alex concluded: “I would like to keep learning in the business and digital marketing area, which is a never-ending industry. And, one day I would like to become a CMO or CEO of a big local company or a well-known international firm. 

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Written and published by: Elena Perez, Alumni Engagement Officer, University of Sunderland. Published date: November 3rd, 2020

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