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Mike Davies Scholars trip to London 2023

Mike Davies scholar

In 2021, the second cohort of 'Davies Scholars' art and design students were handed the opportunity of a lifetime, to work with one of the world’s most creative minds and take their studies to the next level.

Mike Davies CBE is an internationally renowned architect with 40 years of involvement in projects such as the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Lloyd’s of London, the Millennium Dome, and Heathrow Terminal 5. Mike is famed for his unique approach to urban design using the latest in technology, scientific research development, and for his distinctive red clothing.

The five Sunderland students, who were named the Mike Davies Scholars 2021-2024, have recently had the opportunity to travel to London to present to Mike how they are progressing with their work this year. They also had a great time exploring the city and the British Museum guided by Mike.

This scholarship provides the students - Meg Campbell, Sally Fox, Hannah Garrett, Sara Heraoua and Madi Stoica – financial support and one-to-one mentoring from Mike Davies CBE for three years.

Meg Campbell, from Hartlepool, is studying Illustration and Design. With the funding she has bought an A3 printer/scanner to continue developing her work outside of university and print her own products to sell. ​She has also bought high quality inks and paper​, and storage and display materials for selling and going to markets​.

Meg said: “I think the scholarship has done amazing things for my progression and wellbeing. The money has helped me buy equipment, but the support from Mike Davies has really been an encouragement to me and I've been able to apply his advice in times where I was struggling and wouldn't know what to do next without having spoken to him. 

“When I signed up for the scholarship, I never could have imagined how much it would benefit me. I have a group of friends now from different practices, and I admire them greatly and am grateful for their friendship.”

Sally Fox, from Teesside, is studying Glass and Ceramics. The first year Sally spent the money of the scholarship in some furniture for her studio, clay and other tools, and her pottery wheel. Last year she invested some of the money in various workshops to expand her creative practice. With this year’s money she is hoping to fund part of her trip to Japan. She would love to travel there as she is very inspired by Japanese ceramics and has been saving to make this experience possible.

Fashion Design and Promotion student Hannah Garrett, from Shropshire, invested the money of the scholarship on an iPad and Apple pencil for her portfolio and illustration development.

She said: “Over the last year I have really developed my skills in illustrating and creating garments. The iPad was a catalyst for my growth and meant I could easily experiment and add even more detail that hand drawing may not have as easily.”

Hannah continued: “Having the Mike Davis scholarship really opened my eyes into the world of art, giving me the motivation to improve and making me reflect my work positively and seeing the flaws as opportunity rather than failure.

“It is like a little family, me and the other scholars have such a supportive bond and love to talk art and just relate to each other about being students. Joining in on the scholarship made me really believe in my future and excited for all the opportunities it brings.”

With this year’s funding Hannah is planning a trip to Amsterdam, and also looking into possible internships and courses in the Netherlands as the fashion industry is very good there, she said.

Illustration and Design student Sara Heraoua, from Sunderland, said: “For me the Mike Davies Scholarship has opened doors to developing my art and made me more confident in my work. It’s supported me in pushing my boundaries and growing as an artist.”

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging student Maddie Stoica, from Romania, bought a laptop for editing her photographs and video projects. With this year’s funds, she will buy a professional camera.

Every year the University of Sunderland offers tens of thousands of pounds worth of funding to current students, to help improve their studies, professional practice and employability. DOSH, the Development Office Scholarship scheme, offers students studying at Sunderland non-means tested, non-repayable scholarships from £250 to £10,000.

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