Lydia H Robson Artwork

Lydia H Robson Artwork 2

Lydia was awarded the Robson Art and Design Masters Scholarship of £1000 to support her MA journey and help her grow as an artist.

Lydia undertook her BA in Fine Art at Sunderland and stayed on at the University to complete her Masters in Visual Practise. Lydia said: “What a fantastic experience I had whilst studying at the University of Sunderland.”

The DOSH scholarship has been a huge support to Lydia and in her own words, “I have already had such a positive experience in terms of living out those ideas of making and using new and exciting materials I never would have been able to before starting my MA and it would not have been possible if it were not for The Robson Art & Design Masters Award. I was so happy the day I heard that I had been awarded this as I knew that it would open a world of creative opportunities that I would not have been able to achieve without it."

She continued: “With the money from the award, I have been able to branch out into experimenting with new materials. Out of all the new materials I was able to venture into using, metal has become something I have really enjoyed using and experimenting with. I was able to purchase this incredibly exciting and diverse material that I had not been able to purchase previously and use it to make some interesting pieces that have pushed me as an artist.”

The scholarship has allowed Lydia to push her ideas as an artist and become even more creative.

“I would never have believed that I would be where I am now and would like to extend that appreciation of the University and my time studying here. It has continued to be an amazing place to study and continue my exciting journey as an artist.”

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