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Masters student Katie Stewart

Masters student Katie Stewart

Masters student Katie Stewart has a career in the arts in focus, after receiving a DOSH (Development Office Scholarship) award.

Katie, 22, from North Shields is nearing the end of her MA Fine art, and says that her practice - and future prospects - have been greatly improved by winning a Robson Art & Design Masters Award. Applications are now open to MA Design and MA Visual Practice students. There are three £1,000 awards available.

"I received the Robson Visual Arts Masters Award near the beginning of my studies," says Katie. "It has allowed me to improve my practice hugely, through purchasing specialised and expensive adhesive, as well as buying my own professional camera. These are both very beneficial towards important aspects of my studies, as a lot of my work entails collage.

"Owning a camera that is able to produce high-definition images will also be incredibly useful for my professional practice once I graduate. Exhibitions, websites, submissions, and self-advertisement require detailed photographs - even more so in light of Covid-19 and the astronomical increase in online presence regarding arts and culture.

"I was also able to purchase a travel ticket for Tyne and Wear. This has ensured that I save on the cost of long, daily commutes, on public transport, from North Shields to Sunderland. Specifically, this contribution towards travel costs has alleviated some of the stresses that accompany long hours of both practical and theoretical study."

While first and foremost Katie want to remain a working artist, she is also interested in teaching, and believes that applying for the Robson Art & Design Masters Award has been a valuable learning experience.

"Even if you don't receive an award it is great practice for writing skills, self-evaluation, and self-promotion. I have been able to improve my work on a scale that is vastly beneficial towards my degree, with this award assisting me in accessing important resources and materials.

"Overall, if there are areas in your study that you feel suffer from personal issues or that your studies could further evolve and excel with some funding, then this award has the potential to significantly improve your experience."

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