Anna sees future through glass with Robson Fund support

Anna Robson

Anna Selway

Like many aspiring Glass Artists, Anna Selway had always dreamed of working on a large scale, real-life live project in the industry. And that dream became a reality thanks to support from the Robson Real World Experience Fund.  

The BA Glass and Ceramics student assisted in the creation of 12 windows for Bede’s Bakehouse, the café attached to St Peter’s Church, which sits in the shadow of the University Campus where she studies.  

The opportunity arose when PhD student and project leader Rachel Welford turned to the Fund for help in funding for an Intern who could work alongside her.  

After securing crucial financial backing, Rachel selected Anna for the role. She was immediately entrusted to complete a number of important tasks, including creating technique based samples, screen printing designs on glass and assisting with the final installation of the artwork.  

The money also enabled her to travel to and from Scarborough to work with Rachel and collaborator Adrian Riley at their studio, giving her an insight into the day-to-day life of a working Glass Artist.  

After successfully completing the project, the student has found that the experience has not only improved her skills, but also given her the confidence to pursue similar ventures in the future.  

“My skill levels and confidence have developed significantly. For example, I’ve seen a real improvement in my ability to cut large sheets of glass,” she explained. “It’s also helped me to appreciate the complexity of planning in a project of this scale, from the initial proposal stage through to the installation.”  

Rachel’s influence on Anna has already yielded results, with the student using the techniques she learned and some of the remaining scholarship funding for her own exhibition installations.  

She added: “Working with Rachel has influenced my own work, for the ‘Dry Run’ Exhibition, end of 2nd year show. I transferred the principle of multiple glass layers and used funds from the internship for the materials.   

The experience has only increase Anna’s drive to become successful in the industry and the insights and skills he has learned are sure to put her at the front of the pack for work in the future. She praised the Fund for backing her and the project and is looking forward to continuing to work with Rachel more in the future.  

“My working relationship with Rachel is ongoing and I’m motivated by my experience to pursue my ambition of working in this field. 

“Thanks again to the Fund for supporting me and this project.”

Article written by Journalism graduate Matthew Shevlin.

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