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Chamoth Dhasan Liyanage

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering 2021 (ICBT Campus)

Position and company: CEO at Dhasan Globalcity Pvt Ltd & Director at HighLux Platinum Pvt Ltd

Chamoth Dhasan, an entrepreneur from Sri Lanka, has combined his background in engineering and business and started his own global export-import manufacturing company, DhasanGC, and fashion company, Highlux Platinum – BOLDFI.

DhasanGC originally started as an automotive repair business in 2020. However, the onset of the global pandemic and the economic instability in Sri Lanka presented numerous challenges for their business

He explained: “As a result, we made the difficult decision to temporarily close. Seeking new opportunities, we relocated to Kiribathgoda, Sri Lanka. This move marked the rebirth of our company and a fresh start. In 2023 we made a strategic shift in our business operations.

“We temporarily dropped our automotive service and repair business and instead ventured into the exciting field of global import and export trade. This decision has opened up new opportunities for growth and expansion, allowing us to tap into international markets.”

Dhasan describes himself as a self-made entrepreneur. His main responsibility is making the policies and processes on how the company should operate to achieve its goals and grow sustainably.  

Asked about his greatest achievement to date, Chamoth said: “I believe my greatest achievements are starting my own venture early in my life compared to many of my colleagues and getting my master’s by the age of 22 which is surprisingly a low age to get Masters in Sri Lanka.

“I also got the privilege to address the new MBA and Top Up students during their degree inauguration ceremony at Saegis Campus in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University and speak about the importance of contributing to the Sri Lankan economy.”

Talking about his biggest challenge, Dhasan explained: “In the business context I think my biggest challenge is to sustainably grow my company and take it to global heights in years to come with all the external environmental factors around us. In personal fronts to get through to a doctoral program and further my studies as well.”

Chamoth followed his passion in engineering and enrolled himself in the University of Sunderland Automotive Engineering programme in partnership with ICBT in Sri Lanka. 

He said: “When I initially embarked on my journey, researching the best university programs to study Automotive Engineering was top priority. After considering the rank, recognition and programme context, I was thrilled to have chosen the Sunderland University's Automotive Engineering course in partnership with the ICBT in Sri Lanka. Automotive has always been my passion and I enjoyed the programme immensely. What motivated me even more is the incredible support I received from the lecturers. In particular, their support during the pandemic was truly remarkable. This helped me to do the best I could academically.”

Chamoth’s advice to recent graduates entering the job market is to try to perform well academically and try to maximise other opportunities to add value to their CV, by taking short courses or using free online resources. To stand out from the crowd he recommends small adjustments in your life to ensure you are always one step ahead of the competition. Focus on improving time management, maintaining a professional dress code, organizing, and other practices that can help boost your overall productivity and success.

He added: “If for some reason you don’t get the opportunity or you are not happy with the job then you could explore new areas such as entrepreneurship starting your own venture, investing, and looking for new opportunities. I also recommend furthering your studies and also increase your knowledge with books and other reading materials.”

Taking about his future plans, Chamoth concluded: “I want to grow my business and become a notable businessman in Sri Lanka and globally and contribute to the Sri Lankan economy. I also want to further my studies with a doctorate and in the future share my knowledge and experience with the next generation. I do also have a passion in partnering with international nonprofit organisations to help people in need globally.”

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