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Peter Green

Dr Peter Green

BSc Pharmacy 1970

Peter Green graduated with a BSc Pharmacy in 1970, then returned to the School two years later as a lecturer and was awarded his PhD in 1973. In 1974, he took up a post as Biochemical Pharmacologist with Beecham Pharmaceutical Research Division in Essex, transferring to the gastrointestinal research project team in 1976, and then moving to be Senior Biologist on an anti-inflammatory project until 1983 when he was appointed as Manager of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the International Development Laboratories at ER Squibb UK.  


In 1985, he was promoted to Director, and in 1990, he became Executive Director of Worldwide Pharmaceutics Research & Development with Bristol Myers Squibb based in New Jersey. He was responsible for 320 staff based in the US, Canada, UK, and France. In 1991, he joined Glaxo Group Research in Ware as Director of Pharmacy. He then became a Vice-President within the Research and Development Division of Pfizer. 

“Whilst I owe a lot to the academic side of Sunderland, I owe even more to the social side. I met a student nurse at my first rag ball, married her at the end of my second year (it was our 50th wedding anniversary last year) and shortly after graduating our first son was born.” 

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