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Kinsley Seporo

Kinsley Seporo

BSc Computer Systems Engineering 2018

Kinsley is now Branch Manager of Getbucks Micro-Lending Company. He is responsible for approval of new employees interviewed by the Branch Consultant, oversees the approval of loans and lines of credit, and oversees the sales department. 
He believes getting this role directly after graduating from the University of Sunderland at the Botswana Accountancy College has been his greatest achievement to date.
He said: “Getting my honours degree and then immediately getting my first job as a branch manager was fantastic. Since then I have been able to hire more than 30 young graduates.”

Asked about what attracted him to the University of Sunderland, he said: “First of all I have always loved computing and then when I heard that the University of Sunderland was offering this course I was up for a challenge.

“And amazingly for the reason that I didn’t have to leave my country to fully study the course, to me it was an opportunity of a life time so I did myself a favour and took it.”

Kinsley’s advice to graduates entering the job market is: “Go for it and get it, it’s not easy but it’s worth it. Work hard and smart because it worked for me and it would maybe work for you too.”

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