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Timothy Kamau

Timothy Kamau

BSc Computer Studies  2004 

MBA  2016

After completing his MBA at Intel College in 2016, Timothy Kamau wasted little time in putting the skills and theory he developed into practice by starting his own IT Business. 

His Tec-Knowlogy consultancy firm aims to provide affordable mobile, web and cloud based applications to the Kenyan people. 

The venture combines the insights Timothy picked up from both his MBA and his Undergraduate degree in Computer Studies, which he also completed at the University’s affiliate college in Nairobi in 2004.


Timothy decided to study with the University of Sunderland again thanks to the emphasis placed on developing transferable skills that are attractive to employers and because of the institutes quality reputation across the world. Returning to Intel College, he said, was an easy decision.

“What attracted me to come back was the rising competition in the job market and the demand for international managerial skills,” he explained. “Going forward, the prestige of a British MBA and the good name and reputation of Intel College, the regional centre for Sunderland encouraged me to further my education.”  

Following his first graduation over a decade ago, Timothy quickly found work in the IT sector, working notably for Kenyan Airways, US based international NGO National Democratic Institute and Humanitarian agency Concern Worldwide.

After building an extensive portfolio of work, he decided to return to University and soon decided that he had the experience and skills to start a business of his own. Timothy draws particular inspiration from Mike Johnson, a fellow University Alumni and current guest lecturer who has enjoyed a distinguished and decorated business career.  

“Mike Johnson has influenced me a lot. His career clearly illustrates how there is no defined path to success, but by doing what one loves and through determination and of course hard work, one can rise to the helm of their career or, more appropriately, be successful.”

Timothy has built a career for himself through hard work and a genuine love for computing and IT. He believes these two characteristics are critical to success in any industry, and his advice to any current or prospective students is to study a discipline that you have a genuine passion for and that you know you will work hard at.  

He continued: “I’d advise students to do some soul searching first and determine whether they are in the right career, whether they would love to do what they are doing day in day out for the next five years.  

“If they are content with what they are doing then they should love what they do, which should make it easy for them to put more effort and remain focused.”  

With Tec-knowlogy continuing to grow, Timothy is set to dedicate his immediate and long term future into turning his fledging business into a success, and is looking to the next generation to help propel him there.  

“In the future, I’ll be focusing on growing my company Tec-Knowlogy Associates, which is still in its infancy, by coming up with innovative products for businesses and solutions to social issues so as to increase our portfolio and provide more opportunities to young people in terms of employment.”

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate.  

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