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Sophia Ramsey

Sophia Ramsey

BA Fashion, Product and Design 2012

When Sophia Ramsey began her BA (Hons) Fashion, Product and Promotion course, she had no idea that would lead to her dream job as menswear designer for fashion label Abercrombie & Fitch.

"When I made the made the choice to study at Sunderland I was hoping to discover what my artistic strengths were. Little did I know that three years later my degree would guide my talent for design and illustration down a particular career path and land me a job with one of America’s most iconic fashion brands when I began my dream job as a menswear designer for Abercrombie & Fitch at the company’s headquarters in Ohio.

"It was a unique opportunity that came about after myself and my fellow students were supported by the university to set up a stall at Graduate Fashion Week in London in our final year. A recruitment agent from Abercrombie & Fitch spotted my collection of menswear designs I had created for her final-year project and suggested I apply for a job.

"I feel incredibly fortunate and honoured to have been offered this opportunity. It’s thanks to the support of my knowledgeable course tutors who allowed me to discover what my strengths were which led me to this point. I also worked incredibly hard from the start of the course and made the most of the university experience right on my doorstep.

"My advice to any student starting their course would be to work as hard as you can and you will get where you want to be in the future. Never put off work!

"I sacrificed a lot of my social life for three years, but to land a job like this was worth every night in and my family are so proud.

"Of course, I miss the UK and my family and friends, but I’ve settled in well to the job, there’s something new to do everyday, and who knows where this journey will take me.

"Studying a degree is an investment in your future, not just about the few years you spend there, so make the most of every opportunity that comes you way."

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