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Silas McOpiyo

Silas Mc'Opiyo

MBA 2011

Silas works as Director of Administration, Planning and Finance at the National Police Service of the Kenya Government. He is responsible for administrative duties and carries out policy guidance for the three services within the National Police Service, that is, the Kenya Police Service, the Administration Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Silas is also a part-time lecturer at the Management University of Africa in Nairobi.

He said: “I guide the police officers who risk their lives to keep the peace in the cities in Kenya. I feel proud of using my knowledge gained over the years for the benefit of the people of this country.” 

Silas completed his masters’ degree in Business Administration at the Regional Centre for the University of Sunderland (Intel College) in Nairobi with Distinction.  

Talking about what attracted him to the University of Sunderland he said: “It was the mode of teaching which I found to be very practically orientated and valued the students’ work. At the same time, the strict adherence to the timelines enables the students to achieve their expectations in time.”

Silas biggest challenge now is how to balance his work, his family commitments and the final year of his PhD programme in Public Administration and Management he is completing at Kampala International University in Uganda. 

Talking about his future plans he said: "I would like to be a full-time academic after my retirement from the Public Service in Kenya."

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