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Where Are You Now?

Siddharth Nayak

Siddharth Nayak

MBA Marketing 2013

After completing his MBA programme at the University of Sunderland in London, Siddharth came back to his home country and started working as a Brand Manager for one of the Top Rural marketing agencies in India, RW Promotions Pvt Ltd.

After initially starting out as a dedicated specialized rural marketing agency, RW Promotions provides all kinds of marketing solutions in urban, semi- urban and rural markets.

Siddharth responsibilities are varied and include brand development, marketing and communications strategies, media planning, and selling and buying. 

The 26-year-old said: “The MBA has given me a great insight about different aspects of the business industry. The market conditions in India change quickly and the master’s degree has helped me to adapt my mindset and think globally.”

He continued: “I was initially attracted to the University of Sunderland because of the case studies. I could see real examples of how other graduates were putting theory into practice in the current competitive job market.”

Asked about his abiding memory from the University, Siddharth commented: “The lecturers played an important role and motivated me to keep learning and becoming the person I am today. I especially remember Professor Tauseef.”

The Sunderland graduate says he has his sights firmly set on gaining more experience and getting more expertise in the marketing and business industry. 

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