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Ruthlyn Mollett

Ruthlyn Mollett 

BA Game and Software Development 2015 

Ruthlyn Mollett is writing the code to a successful career as a Graduate Platform Developer at tombola.  

After graduating she wasted little time at finding a job at the online bingo giant, who run operations from Sunderland.  

In her role, she works on implementing new pages for the website, general site maintenance and data access for web and mobile platforms as part of the development team at the company.

For Ruthlyn, the satisfaction of seeing her coding work go live on the company website was her proudest moment so far in her short but fast growing career. 

“During my time at tombola my greatest achievement is committing code that I have written to go live on the site,” she said. “It’s great to see something that you have worked on make an impact, regardless how big or small!”  

Having honed her passion for coding in the gaming industry at College, she chose Sunderland because of the relevance of the course and as it would give her the best chance to chase her dream following graduation, something which she has now managed to achieve at tombola.  

She added: “As I really enjoyed the programming aspect during college, a degree in Game and Software development at Sunderland was in keeping with my career goals and personal interests.  

“Although my course was challenging, it was engaging and I learned a lot about the industry which has set me up well for my current role.” 

Despite choosing the course for its content, Ruthlyn found that the most rewarding aspect of studying at Sunderland was being able to interact with her colleagues while studying.

“I was significantly influenced by my fellow students. We all supported one another throughout the entirety of the course and I believe the interaction we had with one another was vital in my success,” she explained.  

Ruthlyn’s advice to any current students is to never to be afraid to ask for help and to use the high level of facilities available to you. 

“Students should never be afraid to ask for assistance, regardless of the problem, whether it is at home or with your course, you should always seek help if you are struggling,” she said.

“In my experience the staff at Sunderland are passionate about your success and are keen to help – students should take full advantages of all campus services and make the most of their time studying!”  

Ruthlyn is continuing to enjoy the challenge of working at tombola and is planning to be a part of the company for the foreseeable future.  

She concluded: “I would love to move forwards and progress through tombola as it’s a brilliant brand with a strong identity. I find the company to be supportive and encouraging and I would love to progress to a junior level developer.  

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate.

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