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Dr Olugbenga Oyeniyi

Dr Olugbenga Oyeniyi

PhD Medical and Applied Microbiology 2018

Dr Olugbenga Oyeniyi is an NHS Operations Manager with expertise in Clinical Microbiology. He manages a COVID laboratory where COVID-19 tests are carried out on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week. 

As part of the role, he manages and supervises a range of laboratory workers such as Senior Scientists, Healthcare Associate, Healthcare Scientist, Team Leaders and Laboratory Support Workers. Olugbenga coordinates the process of each sample, right from the time they are logged in to the laboratory until the results are sent out. 

When asked about his greatest achievements to date so far, Olugbenga said: “Achieving a PhD tops the list, especially with a first-class performance at the PhD Viva highlights the distinctive academic journey. Also, winning awards for myself and the University at several academic quizzes, debates, seminars, and conferences are moments I am extremely proud of myself and the sacrifices of my supporting family.  

Olugbenga was initially attracted to the University because of the state-of-the-art microbial diagnostic system (MALDI-TOF) which was relatively new in the whole of the north-east.

He said: “I was gradually introduced to Pathology in hospitals and research centres. My research was solely based on the diagnostic system, and it was good to have that unique opportunity to bring out something great from research.” 

Discussing his influences while at the University of Sunderland, Olugbenga said: “One of my greatest influences are my PhD Supervisors: Professor Timothy Paget, Dr Lewis Bingle and the late Professor Roz Anderson. They each taught me the finesse and artistry of not only being a Scientist but a distinct Scientist. I was also greatly influenced by a Visiting Professor, Professor Rotimi Jaiyesimi, who took me on as his mentee. 

“I was also interested in politics, contesting and winning the position of President of the Nigerian Society. I worked closely with the International Office, Sports Office and Wellbeing team. Together with my Executive team, I organised sports tournaments, quizzes, debates and award nights. 

“For two years running we won the Best Society of the Year and our Nigerian Independence Day won the Best Event of the Year award. Our events brought staff, students and the people of Sunderland together.” 

Olugbenga has some advice for recent graduates entering the job market: “The job market can change quickly so equip yourself with up-to-date information and have more than one option. This could be searching for jobs in industry, academia or even a plan to further studies to become more employable.”

Looking to the future, Olugbenga is happy working in his role of Operations Manager, contributing to ending the pandemic and helping life go back to normal. Long-term, his ambition is to become a University Professor or Researcher, impacting young people as well as conducting meaningful research that impacts positively on our health and lifestyle. 

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