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Mukarab Shah

Mukarab Shah 

BA (Hons) Business Management 2014

Mukarab dreamt of securing a job in the capital where he would get the opportunity to travel internationally. The University of Sunderland in London played a key role in making this dream a reality. 

The 24-year-old, from Pakistan, is currently working within the Education sector, as a Regional Developer (Middle East, South Arabia and West Africa) at University Canada West. His favourite aspects of the job include meeting different people, travelling, and counselling students.

He said: “Living in Pakistan I didn’t get the chance to meet people of other nationalities. I knew I wanted to work in an international company so gaining an understanding of various cultures was vital. I wanted to learn about the differences in how people are brought up and how this is reflected in the way they behave. 

“During my time at the University of Sunderland in London I got to study alongside students from many different countries. This was an amazing experience that has really broadened my knowledge of other cultures. Without a doubt, the skills I gained from studying in such a diverse environment have been my most valuable asset in securing the job I have now.

“I greatly enjoyed my time at the University and am really thankful to the staff members who not only supported me throughout my studies but also helped me secure an amazing job opportunity by giving me practical experience of international markets. All my teachers were amazing. They wanted every single student to be successful and gave us continuous support, making themselves available to students at all times.

“The location of the campus definitely added to my experience as I always dreamt of living in London. The university is located in the heart of Canary Wharf where lots of other International companies' headquarters are based, such as JP Morgan, KPMG, Citi Bank, and Barclays. The location is also very convenient for commuting, with South Quay DLR station situated just across the road. The DLR is one of my favourite lines as it is really reliable.

There are also plenty of sites and amenities nearby, including the River Thames and a diverse range of restaurants. The University of Sunderland in London felt like home.”

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