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Muhammad Farooq Khan

Muhammad Farooq Khan 

MSc Engineering Management 2011

Muhammad is enjoying a varied and accomplished career in the engineering, marketing and business development industry. After graduating from the University of Sunderland with Distinction he came back to his home country, Pakistan where he started working as a Program Manager for engineering, procurement and construction company, TMA International Pakistan.  

In 2017 he decided to start his own business, Education and Immigration Consultants Pakistan Limited, where he is using his educational and technical experience in helping clients immigrating to different countries on highly skilled visa programs and providing education consultancy too. 

He is also a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant at DRS Globe and helps companies/brands in designing robust digital media marketing campaigns.  

Muhammad explained: “My biggest achievement is the formation of my company. I started this company in 2017, registered it in 2018, with one office and two bank accounts alone. Now in 2021, my business has grown exponentially, my digital marketing skills have massively helped, and revenues have increased more than 500% as compared to the previous years.   

“Now I have six employees and two offices in Islamabad (planning to launch the third one in September 2021), and have six bank accounts which keep us busy all day. We are working with different Canadian, American, British, Turkish, French, Spanish, Estonian, Japanese, Chinese universities and organisations.”  

Asked about his biggest challenge, Muhammad replied: “In order to maintain the high quality of services which is the biggest challenge of any business, we value our clients’ feedback. I train the employees on regular basis and have designed KPIs (which we monitor on regular basis).”  

Muhammad, who comes from an educated family where his mother is a medical GP as his father worked as nuclear and electrical engineer, was attracted to the University of Sunderland thanks to one of his family’s friend recommendation.  

He explained: “My family friend studied a Master's degree in IT Management from the University of Sunderland and he was working as an Area Manager with Acer in Manchester. He met me in 2008, when I was in the last year of my graduate degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Pakistan and he convinced me to study at the University of the Sunderland. My tutors were extremely kind, helpful, responsive, and were available 24/7.”  

Muhammad remembers with fondness lecturers Dr Kenneth Robison, Adrian Morris and Dr David Baglee.  

He added: “My supervisor for the dissertation was Dr Kevin Burn and I must say he guided me very professionally throughout the course of the dissertation and was always available.” 

Muhammad advice to recent graduates entering the job market is to be willing to keep learning. He advised: “As long as they are willing to learn, explore, stay inquisitive and are focusing on value creation, they will find many ways of success.” 

Muhammad concluded: “In the future I am planning to pursue a PhD in Digital Marketing (part-time). I further plan to expand my consultancy business in other cities of Pakistan too.” 

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