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Millie Omollo

Millicent Omollo

MBA 2013

After completing her MBA with a Distinction from the University of Sunderland at INTEL College, Millicient has worked her way up through the ranks and is now Regional HR Director at the International Rescue Committee Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya. Her responsibilities include offering HR technical support and advice to country programmes within the Horn (Somalia and Ethiopia), East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi and Rwanda), Zimbabwe and Yemen.  

She had previously worked as HR lead with Mercy Cops and International Rescue Committee in different countries within East Africa and the Horn of Africa, but it has always been her desire to assume a regional position.

The 49-year-old explained: “Prior to assuming my current position I had been promoted earlier in the year to the position of Deputy Country Director of Operations that saw me manage HR, Supply Chain and IT Departments in South Sudan. Having been promoted to two key senior positions within the same year is a great achievement.”

Millicent, who juggled her studies at the University with being a single mum, said: “My biggest challenge was pursuing an MBA programme as a mature student, mother and career woman. I found it quite challenging supporting my son with his school home assignments, attending to my own school assignments and sometimes having to also take work home.”

Asked about what attracted her to the University of Sunderland Millicient commented: “For a very long time I had wanted to pursue further studies however my greatest worry was choosing the right learning institution.”

After talking to friends and colleagues about their different experiences at various learning institutions, Millicient decided to enrol at the University of Sunderland, a decision she has never regretted.

She said: “I greatly appreciated the learning methodology, which was not only informative but educative and enriching. 

“My supervisor and a number of lecturers had a very positive impact and made a large contribution in my successful completion of the programme.

“I would like to single out the commitment and dedication exhibited by most of our lecturers. They never gave up on some of us, especially those who were mature students and had to struggle quite a bit. 

“My supervisor Dr Awuor and Mrs Newa influenced me the most. They believed in perfection and pushed me to perfection through encouragement.  Last but not least, the interaction with fellow students from diverse backgrounds was very enjoyable.”

Millicient has also great plans for the future. She explained: “It has always been my dream to start a family business, more specifically I’m fascinated by the real estate business. To this end, I have already bought some pieces of land and intend to follow this dream in years to come.  Having pursued an MBA programme, I feel well equipped with the skills and knowledge I need to effectively manage a real estate company.”

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