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Maggie Mutkovicova

Magdalena Mutkovicova

MA Masters Marketing 2014

After graduating, Maggie Mutkovicova’s Marketing career has gone from strength to strength.

In November 2016, she moved onto her current role of Marketing Officer at Durham-based IT firm Waterstons after over a year of working at software specialists Escher.

Initially from Slovakia, Maggie moved to Sunderland to study Marketing Management and Music in 2010, quickly falling in love with the area where she has remained ever since.

After completing the course, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in Marketing, and completed a Masters course more focused on that area in 2014.


After first arriving in Sunderland, Maggie found that she was one of only two Slovakians studying across the entire University. Faced with this daunting prospect, she jumped straight in to student life and adapted quickly to her new surroundings. She puts her success down to what she believes to be the one truly unique aspect of studying at Sunderland: the people.

“The people are the main reason I’d recommend studying here,” she explained. “And I’m not only talking about the lecturers. The library staff, gym people, Students' Union, skills improvement and lots more. Everybody is lovely and you really feel that they are there to help you enjoy your degree. I still feel like that about them.”

An active member of the student faculty, Maggie was president of the Business Society and took part in numerous activities while she was at the University. This enabled her to get to know colleagues from across the world, while also giving her the experience of running groups and organising events, something she has found useful in the working world.

“I loved meeting people from different courses and backgrounds through societies and Students' Union events,” she said. “Societies allowed me to be Treasurer, Social Secretary, and even President!”

Maggie’s association with the University continued following her graduation, working for a year in the Marketing department which gave her experience and skills she could use as a platform to launch a long-term career in the industry.

As someone who was heavily involved with life outside of the classroom while studying, Maggie believes that taking part in the array of extra-curricular activities that the University offers is the key to growing as a person and ultimately finding success in the job market following graduation.

She advised: “Get involved in everything and start looking early. Volunteering and societies give students valuable skills for the future. It might not seem like it, but once you start writing these down on your CV, you find out you know everything you need to know.”

With her feet under the desk in her new role, it looks as though Maggie’s bright career in Marketing will only continue to grow.

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate.  

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