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Kok Suan Liew

Kok Suan Liew

MBA 2017

Kok Suan completed his MBA at one of the University of Sunderland partner colleges in Malaysia, the SEGi College in Kuala Lumpur. 

Kok Suan, originally from Singapore, left engineering and technical roles to pursue a career in business, finance and economy. After doing extensive research on how to juggle his job in Singapore and further education, he decided to sign up for the part-time MBA programme at SEGi Kuala Lumpur and attended weekend classes. 

He explained: “I used to travel 300 km north from Singapore back to Kuala Lumpur almost every week.  It was tiring, but I cherished very much the time discussing, debating with classmates and tutors. The tiredness just disappeared. 

He continued: “The whole two-year period that fuses all the exposure from multiple nations into the MBA program was the best time in my life. Curriculum from UK, tutors in Malaysia, and work life in Singapore. I enjoyed the diversification, commonwealth culture and business environments all in a package. I attended the graduation ceremony in Sunderland in November 2017 and made a few friends there.” 

In March 2020 Kok Suan was made redundant from his engineering job and took this opportunity to start a home-based hedge fund for family members and friends. 

He started the fund in July 2020 and made 8% growth within a quarter.  

“I am thrilled that it prudently generated value better than the initial expectation, which just to beat interest and inflation,” he said. 

Hedge funds generate income through holdings of long and short positions in alternative investment vehicles. To conventional asset managers, hedge funds may be deemed quite risky because they deal with uncertainty. Hedge funds normally carry the size of assets above 10 million dollars, but mine is not opened to the public, so its size is much smaller. I am working from home now. The day-to-day activities will be to monitor the market, assess the portfolio's risk and adjust accordingly,” he added.  

Kok Suan advice to current students on how to get a foot on the career ladder is to “follow the feelings”.  

He advised: “I am in my mid-career and I still need a lot of advice from people. However, with what I have experienced, I would like to say that it is very important to follow the feelings. If you feel pain, do something about it. Do something with your natural drives, ambition, empathy, grief, love etc. Do not supress it.

Kok Suan’s plans include continuing to grow the family fund on a sustainable path to deliver value for the participants.  

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