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Kaylie Staniland  

BSc Psychology 2019 

Kaylie is currently studying a PGCE PCET and has a placement at J and K Training where she teaches Maths and English to adults of post-compulsory age. She has been offered a job to start as soon as she graduates. 

Kaylie, who was pregnant in the final year of her Psychology degree, says finishing her degree has been her biggest challenge to date. 

“I wanted to give up at times but never did,” she said.  

After graduation she took a gap year to look after her baby, where she also started her own eco-friendly balloon business, before deciding to return to the University to pursue further education. 

Kaylie says she immediately fell in love with the sights when she visited the University of Sunderland.   

She explained: “I had heard a lot of good things about the lecturers and staff in the Psychology department and just knew it was the right place for me to study.  

“I had a few lecturers who were my biggest influencers. Vanessa Parson who was always a support, confidence building and generally a fantastic lecturer, enabled me to gain more teaching experience. Jon Rees, who gave me my first chance at gaining teaching experience in a subject I never thought possible. Becci Owens, who helped me through multiple confidence issues from the start of the degree, was always there and was a fantastic dissertation supervisor. I would not be where I am now without them.  

Kaylie’s advice to recent graduates entering the job market is to realise their worth and sell themselves.  

“You have accomplished so much if you have graduated, now is the time to put into perspective the skills you have gained and tell the world about them. 

Talking about her plans, she said: “I have accepted the job offer from July for teaching and I aim to apply for a PhD, make my way to academia and secure a position lecturing in the university that enabled me to grow.”

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