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Katie Watson

Katie Watson

BA English and Drama 2015

MA English Studies 2016

After graduating from her master’s degree, Katie landed a job as a copywriter at the ferry operator DFDS.

Her role recently changed to Content and Brand Specialist where she is responsible to create copy across a range of online and offline mediums, as well as participating in any brand admin jobs, for example participating in the organisation of events.

“As someone with a passion for writing, creativity and travel, DFDS seemed like the perfect fit,” she explained.

Asked about her experience at the University of Sunderland, the 24-year-old said: “My bachelor’s degree was split between English Literature and Drama. The 3-year degree allowed me to expand my knowledge of literature, from classical texts to postmodern prose, leading me to eventually become specialised in Romantic literature.

“The tutors were committed and thoughtful, ensuring that each seminar and lecture involved discussion and debate, as opposed to simple dictation. My MA was an extension of this. Choosing to focus on entirely English studies, the course involved modules on literature, linguistics and creative writing. Both included a final dissertation.”

She continued: “The humanities campus is in the heart of Sunderland city centre, meaning late night library sessions often morphed into nights out, and you had access to an array of shopping, food and drink during breaks between classes.”

Katie’s advice to any current student is simple – make sure you involve yourself in extracurricular activities.

She said: “Writing jobs are difficult to come by but do exist. Make sure to involve yourself in extracurricular activities that will allow your CV to stand out if you are coming straight from university and don't have vocational experience.”

Her future plans include to continue to grow as a writer in DFDS, engaging in any training and experiences that she thinks will aid that.

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