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Kah Sam Kam

Kah Sam Kam

BA (Hons) Business Management 2014

Since graduating from one of Sunderland’s International Partner Colleges, Sam has been working in the Real Estate industry.

After completing a diploma at a local university in Malaysia, Sam, who was a national athlete at the time, was awarded with a sports scholarship to pursue further study.

When friends recommended the University of Sunderland programme at SEGi College in Penang, Sam decided to join the Business Management course to support his ambitions of progressing in his chosen career.


The 28-year-old said: “After graduating from my first diploma I noticed that a lot of subjects which I had studied were not relevant to my job, so my friends recommended the Sunderland course for Business and I immediately signed up for it. 

“During my two-year course, I truly enjoyed the business programme, the culture and especially the facilities of the campus. SEGi College in Penang is directly next to the sea and I have great memories of my time there. I enjoyed working hard with my classmates to finish our assignments at the library or café overlooking the beautiful sea.” 

Sam now works for Reapfield Properties as the Head of Sales. He helps clients to buy, sell or rent their Real Estate properties as well as building lifelong relationships with them. 

The Sunderland graduate is proud to say that he has won national awards with his company and they have been recognised as the real estate company choice in the north region of Malaysia. He admits, however, that getting into this industry wasn’t easy. 

“My age was a big challenge, embarking into the real estate industry at the age of 21 was not a smooth sail. Real Estate is a huge investment in people’s lives, and no matter how precise and skilled I was, many did not take me seriously,” he said. “During my first two years in the industry, most of my advice was rejected.” 

He is now looking forward to a long and successful career in the industry. 

“My future plan is to uplift the standards of the real estate industry. As my mentor taught me, I plan to aim high, start small and build deep.” 

Sam advises other graduates entering the job market not to give up. He said: “No matter how long it takes or how the odds play against you, you only fail if you give up.”

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