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Where Are You Now?

Joojo Kyei-Sarpong

Joojo Kyei-Sarpong

MSc Public Health 2010

After finishing his degree in Biochemistry in Ghana, Joojo Kyei-Sarpong had a plan to study a Masters over two years in America. But a friend already studying at the University of Sunderland suggested he head to Wearside. Having always wanted to work in the field of public health, Joojo checked out the MSc Community Health course (now Public Health) and immediately applied. 

Since graduating in 2010, Joojo has adopted the North East as his home, working with individuals in recovery across the region’s local pharmacies, recovery centers, rehabilitation and homeless hostels.

But he says it was his year at Sunderland which had an impact on him personally and professionally and shaped the career path he wanted to take. 

Joojo explained: “I loved the programme and gained many transferrable skills that I have now taken and applied in real-world settings. The reason I came to UK, I wanted to come to a place of work where I could gain something different in a developed country. Sunderland was a discovery process for me. 

“When I finished university, I found that I was in my comfort zone, I understand this area and had a passion to continue working here. I also got married and life happened from here. Since then I’ve never lost my links with the University, the academics have been incredibly supportive and eventually I’d like to return to complete a PhD at Sunderland.” 

What advice does Joojo have for students thinking about their options after they graduate? 

“I always had this entrepreneurial approach to my profession, and would advise students to not wait for things to come to you, whatever your thoughts apply it, keep pushing and create your own opportunities. 

“I began working in a pharmacy setting in public health after graduating, but also launched my own online magazine My Healthy Lifestyle, this lead to a number of opportunities and finally ended up with me working as a substance misuse practitioner. 

“I believe that Universities are distributers of tool kits, you come and pick up your tool kit go out in the world and use it to develop your own opportunities.”

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