Where Are You Now?

Jack Robson

BA (Hons) Public Relations 2017

Jack Robson studied BA (Hons) Public Relations and graduated in 2017.  Jack is now a Technical SEO Executive at Jefferson Frank, a global recruitment firm who specialize in Amazon Web Services.

We interviewed Jack and he told us the following about his current role: “I work as part of the digital marketing team here at Jefferson. My role is to analyse and increase the organic traffic to their website, as well as improve their on-site transaction rate.”

As Jack only graduated two years ago, we wanted to know what attracted him to the University and how the University helped get him to where he is now:  

“The facilities were the main drawing point as to why I chose the University of Sunderland. The fact they had a working news room, state-of-the-art cinema, and radio station on campus, showed me that they want to provide the best facilities available to help students achieve their potential.  

Graduating university was my highlight; I am the first of my siblings to do so which is special in itself. But being able to do this while holding down a full-time job and looking after my family is something I am especially proud of.”

As well as the positives, Jack also explained what the biggest challenge has been since leaving University:

“Adjusting to working life has been an interesting challenge. My role is autonomous, so for the first time in my career, I’m not being directly told what to do each day. That means handling my own workload, and accepting responsibility if I make any mistakes. Thankfully there haven’t been any yet, but it’s a very different environment to university. There’s a lot more freedom here, but that comes with responsibility thrown in too.”

Jack has some wise words for those just starting out: “There are a wide range of jobs that your degree unlocks for you. Mine allowed me to enter a career that I never knew existed until I left university. Don’t pigeonhole yourself as soon as you leave - work in a couple of different roles that are relevant to your chosen subject. You’ll eventually find the right thing for you.”

When asked how he would like to be remembered, Jack replied: “I want a Google Algorithm named after me.” 

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